Principle 6:


A leader doesn't have to know everything, and in fact sometimes they don't... what they need is the challenge

The The PIVOTAL Road Map (Simon, Graham, Christie and Call, 2015)


The notion of ‘vitality’ incorporated into the model refers to the relevance and continued responsiveness of the course designers to school leader learning needs, based on the ongoing invitation for practitioner advocacy at regular intervals. This intervention is intended to impact positively on the learning experience of future students / school leaders studying the innovated courses and that they will also benefit individually in increased levels of personal vitality.


Vitality and sustainability come about, in this instance, through the direct result of each of the Six Principles for Impact being undertaken. Adopting an approach that fosters partnerships, facilitates advocacy, listens to the student voice and acts on these insights, leads to innovation in course design which will, in turn, provide opportunities and pose challenges for thriving academic leadership. 


The PIVOTAL Road Map (above) demonstrates the process of consultation of ideas and perspectives from stakeholders in the leadership journey. The effect of the process and subsequent innovations to course design on students is systematically tested in order to draw conclusions regarding sustainability of the approach.