The PIVOTAL Model (Simon, Graham, Christie and Call, 2015)



The PIVOTAL Model depicts a process of seeking and acting upon practitioner advocacy (practising school leaders) in order to impact favourably on postgraduate curriculum design.


The fluid and spiral format of the graphic reflects a cyclical process with the qualities of pivoting and moving onwards and upwards, based on evaluation, innovation and practitioner input. 


The practitioners are members of professional bodies, practising school leaders and students enrolled in postgraduate leadership courses with whom the researchers form partnerships for the purpose of the research. 


The diagonal line depicts the anticipated alignment of vitality (of both curriculum content and of the individual) with leadership effectiveness. 


The PIVOTAL Model reflects the principles of participatory Action Research expounded by Kemmisand McTaggert(1988) which has the over-arching intention of making changes for the better in the learning environment through active participation.